Assistive technology

Assistive technology for caring

Assistive technology can play a very important role in the care of a person with dementia.

The investment in the use of technology can give peace of mind and help to maintain independence.

On this part of the site, we show you different examples of assistive technology and their important uses.
While some of the products are only available from specialist dealers, others can be purchased from high street shops.

Assistive technology can help you live a full and more independent life, staying in control of your own health and wellbeing. You may already have some understanding of this,here we break it down a little.


You can use telecare to help you to remember the things you may need ttracking-823141_960_720o do, perhaps taking your medication. Or a telecare system can by design, alert staff at a response centre or a carer if you need help, such as if you’ve fallen or haven’t realised you’ve left the gas on.

A telecare system, can by design, alert a carer or staff at a response centre if you need help, for instance if you have fallen or have left the gas on.


Telehealth isdl03017_deluxe_floor_sensor_system_ designed to support people living with long-term health conditions at home.

Telehealth allows you to monitor your health without having to keep visiting your GP. You are shown how to use the equipment and take the health readings. These are sent automatically to a health professional who checks your results and keeps eye an on your health needs.




Some examples include:

  • If you have high blood pressure, a monitor can help you measure your blood pressure at home and send the results automatically to your GP.
  • If you get recurring urinary infections, a simple telehealth device can test for this. You send the results electronically to your healthcare professional so you can get early treatment.

Ask your GP, health visitor or community nurse about what is available in your area and if you are suitable for telehealth monitoring.


Pill box reminder  This can be can be worn around your neck and pre set to sound when you are due to take your medication





Always Ready Night Light Torchdl08120_always_ready_night_light_torch

As the name suggests, this clever little night light is always ready to tackle your lighting needs. While seated in its socket mounted dock, the compact light wirelessly recharges for its next use.

Switch the light to ‘On’ mode and it will provide diffused light using its 5 energy saving LED’. In ‘Auto’ mode, this same light is activated whenever it detects movement in the dark.

Wireless Video Door Phone

This enables you to see visitors that ring your doorbell and talk to them before opening the door. It works day and night through the night vision camera and takes pictures.